What Is The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

After I had my daughter, my idea of cleaning came into a whole new light. First it was picking up the obvious, then it was disinfecting, then it was baby proofing. I never knew how unsafe my house was. She got in to every single little thing. And I also had to start baby proofing my cleaning. All my cleaners turned all natural, and my vacuum cleaner definitely had to go. Every time I was vacuuming, my daughter would somehow get tangled up in the cord.

So I decided to switch to a cordless vacuum to eliminate that problem. That turned out to be a great idea, it completely solved that problem but also produced a couple new ones. I went to the store and realized that there were so many different brands, and prices, how do I choose? I decided to go with a well known brand at a fairly decent price. Not the cheapest one, but also not the most expensive, just in the middle.

It said it worked on carpet and floor, and also upholstery, which works perfect for me since I have all of those. When I got home, I was so excited to get it all together and use it for the first time. As I always do, I started by reading the instructions as my husband dug right into putting all the pieces together. In one of the first steps, it says the battery must be charged before use. And of course, my husband is already trying to use it and comes to the conclusion that it is broken!

After charging the battery for the 4 hour time frame, it was finally time to use it. It did well on the first room, but as a few minutes went on, it stopped picking up obvious things on the floor. I noticed the battery was going out, and the suction power was going with it. I returned that item, and decided to check on the internet for vacuums with good reviews, within my price range. I found out that a lot of people had the same problem with their vacuums as I did with the one I purchased.

I found out that Black and Decker had a cordless vacuum available, at a great price. I went out and I got it that same day, it was the Black and Decker PSV-1800 Cordles Pivoting vacuum cleaner. When I finally had the time to use it, it turns out that the reviews online were right, it was the perfect vacuum. I have been using it now for about 8 months, every single day. It works all over my house, and never loses power. I would recommend this cordless vacuum to anyone!

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