Daewoo RC350R Vacuum Cleaner Review

Daewoo offers a comprehensive range of products and in the domestic appliance segment the floor care of vacuum cleaners also takes a prime position. The model range is wide that Daewoo makes sure each of it is unique in its features and utility. Among the bagged and cylinder models Daewoo RC350R Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner makes a style statement and in the following review getting closer to the features and shortcomings is possible.

Physical Characteristics

The magic is on when this bright red vacuum cleaner is set to function. It works dry, belongs to the cylinder type, has a bagged system and does a powerful operation with its power of 1500 watts. Daewoo RC350R Bagged Vacuum Cleaner its dimension of 425mm, 290mm and 291mm in width, height and depth it describes to be in the normal size and so it the weight of 4.1 kg although easy to handle it does one fall into the light weight category of cleaners. The curvy finish and the comfort handle along with the support of rubber wheels make it a pro model which is also user friendly.

Application and Attachments

This model allows to be used to clean the various parts of the home it can be used to clean the floors, upholstery, carpets, stairs and the edges. It is been equipped with many tools which specialises to be used for different purpose. The right tool for the right job will bring in the expected results and it makes the right go always. The details of the various attachments are as follows.

  • Crevice nozzle is small and slim and is suitable to use any where, it cleans up the edges, under the stairs and in that narrow space.
  • The dusting brush can be used to dust upholstery and the carpets.
  • The wide suction nozzle is best on the dry area and cleans up both the carpeted and the uncarpeted floors easily. It is one tool that can be used for daily cleaning.
  • Upholstery nozzle is wide and cleans up all the furniture and the curtains as well, it wide mouth does the job quickly and after which the edges and the joints of the couch can be cleaned up with the crevice nozzle.

Product Features

  • Suction power control is been located in the hand grip that allows you to set the suction power based on the requirement of the situation. With this variable power of suction control the energy is saved and can be set smooth on places where less power is sufficient for cleaning up.
  • The on/off switch is present on the board which is a knob that turns to put the appliance to function and set it off. The power control is also a mechanical knob that on it turn sets around 11 different power levels starting from the minimum to the maximum.
  • The power cord rewind is also simple with the press of the button and it can be operated in the foot which just sucks the cord inside in seconds and it gives a neat storage.
  • Dust meter is one another advantage available in this model that indicates with the time the dust bag is required to be changed. When the colour in the dust meter turns to become red then it is best to change the dust bag. This feature eliminates the wild guesses made for the change of the dust bag.
  • Practical parking of the tools is possible with the brush clip that holds the brush in to the rest when you need to stop a while. In case of storage it is also possible to hitch the brush clip on to the cleaner.

Other product details

Daewoo RC350R 1500Watts Vacuum Cleaner functions with the maximum power of 1500 watts when the suction power is set in its maximum. It has a swivel hose that operated in 360 degrees and hence giving more flexibility. The filter system is an exchangeable exhaust type that allows easily removing and cleaning in just few steps and hence does no eat away you time and energy. The dust bag equipped in this model has the capacity of 3 litres which is good enough of few hours of uninterrupted cleaning.

Overall, this model has many value additions and it does give the comfort of handling with its straightforward operations. The manufacturer supplies 4 dust bags along with this model.

Daewoo RC350R Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Daewoo
Model Name RC350R Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Type Cylinder
Available finishing Red with black
Dimension (wxhxd) mm 425 x 290 x 291 mm
Weight 4.1 kg
Dust capacity 3.0 litres
Hose Material Metal telescopic
Technology used Powerful motor
Filtration Exchangeable exhaust filter
Power 1500 watts
Floor nozzle Combination
Telescopic tube Yes
Sealable dust bag Yes
Turbo Brush tool No
Tool storage On board
Rubber wheel Yes
Swivel hose 360 degree
Cable Rewind Yes
Maximum input power 1500 Watts
Supplied 4 dust bags
Tools Wide suction nozzle
Upholstery nozzle
Crevice nozzle
Dust brush

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