Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Stringent adherence to standards and thoughtful concerns over environmental issues has helped Dirt Devil to be one of the trusted brands.  The innovative ideas of Dirt Devil have translated into style statements that have created products that are most apt and adaptable.

The cleaning feature looks into all the details regarding different types of use to enable sparkling and squeakily clean environment. The brand originated actually in 1905 as the brain child of the Royal appliances. Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Compact Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a simple, straight forward cleaning machine that helps to keep the home fresh and clean. The following review gives you the complete information about the product.

Striking Design

Dirt Devil DDCYL1 1600 Watts Vacuum Cleaner is sure to melt even the stubborn hearts with its design that strikes in the combination of pink and white. The so called device to handle the dry domestic cleaning is compact and light in weight. Taking the dimension of 250 x 360 x 250 mm that corresponds to the width, height and depth of the appliance and making it easier to handle with the weight of mere 5 kgs. Few other notable characteristics of this cleaner makes it comfortable for the user.

  • The capacity of the dust canister is 3 litres and it easy to go on for longer time and reduces the frequency of emptying.
  • The length of the power cord is 5m which gives the cleaning radius of 8m and ultimately it eliminates the need to change the plug often.
  • The stretched hose length is 1.5 meters which is good enough to go around with.
  • It does have a power on/off button which can be operated with the foot.

Power and Performance

The power of the embedded motor is 1600 Watts which is powerful to handle the continuous use of the domestic household. The suction power is the ability of the vacuuming and this model shows the power of 220 AW. It functions with the variable power and hence it has an edge over the models with the fixed power. Based on the requirement and the intensity of cleaning the power level can be chosen.


This is the primary concern of many users and in most case they tend to be the deciding factor. This model is been offered the benefit of Microban filtration and it gives 7 stages of filtration which is really healthy and safe for the environment. The dust canister filter has 3 stage large washable SMS filter. The pre-motor filter with a single stage of mesh filter and the exhaust filter is 3 stages of Microban exhaust Micro filter which is the utmost filtration. Even the tiny dust particles are been cleaned out from the atmosphere giving you the best living atmosphere. These filters do a great job by killing the germs, the bacteria collected in the filter.


The tools provided and the compatibility with the same is the prime feature lookout for many. This Dirt Devil DDCYL1 220AW Suction Power Vacuum Cleaner gives you the crevice nozzle, the dusting brush, adjustable floor head which is used on the carpets as well as the hard floors. This floor head with 2 types of settings is operated by pushing with the foot up and down the down position for the hard floor and the up position for the carpets. The variable power control allows you to clean the floor with higher power and adjust the suction power to low when used on curtains. So it is possible to choose the right power for the right job.

Other product details

Getting you to understand further is the noise level which is on the lower end with 80 dB. The cable rewind is available and it can be operated with the foot. The cord is also detachable. The rubber wheels adds up to the smooth movement and on total Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Domestic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best compact and light weight cleaner in the market.

Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Product Specification Details

Manufacturer Dirt Devil
Model Name Compact Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Product Code DDCYL1
Type Cylinder, Compact
Dimension (W x H x D) mm 250 x 360 x 250 mm
Weight 5 Kg
Available finishing Pink with white
Total canister capacity 3 Litres
Power 1600 Watts
Technology used Powerful motor
Filtration 7 stages of filtration
Suction power 220 AW
Extension tube 2-speed pulse security switch
Floor nozzle Yes
Telescopic tube Yes
Noise level 80 db
Cleaning radius 8m
Microban Yes
Rubber wheel Yes
On/off button Yes
Cable Rewind Yes
Power type Variable
Tools Cervice nozzle
Dusting brush
Adjustable floor head
Dust canister filter
Pre motor filter
Exhaust filter
Pet hair brush No
Retractable cord Yes
Hose length 1.5m
Application Domestic, for home use

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