Electrolux Z3319 Powerlite Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux is a very well known manufacturer and are one of the global leaders of the home appliances and appliances for professional use. They have a variety of cleaners for different needs. After over ninety years of innovations, Electrolux truly have a broad variety of vacuum cleaners for their various needs.


The Electrolux Z3319 is a very light weight vacuum cleaner as its series name “Powerlite” suggests. Weighing just over 4Kgs, this is just the ideal lightweight vacuum cleaner that is very easy to manoeuvre and also be stored in the minimal household spaces. It comes in a very cute pure white finishing with magenta buttons. There is a small LED light available that changes its colour to indicate to you that it is time to change the bag. It also has its tools on board, which always makes the entire process of floor cleaning very easy. The foot operated pedals of the cleaner are simple to use without the need of any bending.

‘Bagged’ is good

The Z9919 is a bagged vacuum and there is a misconception that bagged cylindrical vacuum cleaners are just a lot of work and trouble than the bag-less ones. Actually the bagged cleaners are the best option for the allergy sufferers. Once you remove the dust bag from the cleaner, you will not have any contact with the dirt, which is just the most simple and hygienic method. The dust bag capacity of this cleaner is 2 litres.


The Electrolux Z3319 Powerlite Vacuum Cleaner has a couple of very useful features.

Chord Rewind

Chord rewind has become a very common feature in all the latest vacuums. It is a very useful feature though; it keeps your house out of the mess created by the wires and chords running around your house. At just a push of a button, the chord automatically stores neatly inside the body of the cleaner.

Washable Micro filtration

Electrolux Z3319 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner features a washable microfiltration system that helps release clean air into your home during vacuuming. It has the technology has ‘washable’ in its name tag as its filters are washable and hence easy to maintain.

Telescopic Tube and Tools

The telescopic tube makes the adjustment of the tube length for ergonomic use and extended reach when required. The automatic adjusting floor nozzle automatically adjusts to the surface you are cleaning, carpets or hard floors. Hence, there is no stopping or bending to make any adjustments. The upholstery nozzle is a textile nozzle for the couches and textiles and the additional crevice nozzle helps you clean in those awkward places.



The Z3319 Powerlite’s performance is excellent, especially when it comes to suction power.


Electrolux offers its Z3319 Powerlite Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner one year limited warranty for parts and labour.


The Electrolux Z3319 Powerlite Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner is just the ideal piece of equipment for those who wish to have a light-weighed vacuum cleaner that is loaded with high tech features. Design wise, it looks really cute, easy to manoeuvre and can be stored in a small area. Performance wise too, the Z3319 does not disappoint you much. The cleaner is good value for money.

Electrolux Z3319 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameElectrolux Z3319 Powerlite
Model numberZ3319
Vacuum cleaner typeAll rounder
Weight3.74 Kg
Available finishingWhite and magenta
Dust bag full indicatorYes
Hose MaterialAdjustable Telescopic
Technology usedPowerful motor
FiltrationWashable microfiltration
SuctionVariable suction feature
Movement type360 degree swivel wheel
Cleaner headAdjustable Floor Tool
Turbo Brush toolNo
HEPA filterNo
Bag capacity2 litres
Cord length5 metres
Cable RewindYes
Tools on boardYes
ToolsCrevice nozzle
Upholstery nozzle
Pet hair brushNo
Power EfficientYes
Noise levelLow
Power1800 watt
WarrantyOne year

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