Hoover HU4207/1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hoover has launched the Hurricane HU4207/1 Pets Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. With a motor power of 2000 watts and 220 air watts suction power, it promises a high powered clean. The presence of HEPA filtration makes it an ideal for allergy sufferers. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the product is the Pet Hair Remover Turbo Brush that enables to you remove stubborn pet hair on your carpet, which is highly handy especially if you own a pet. So does Hoover get it? Read the review to find out.


Decent Design

The Hoover looks pretty nifty and the machine’s body comes in 2 colours : red and blue. The cord length is about 7 metres long, that is about 2 meters longer than most models. Because of the larger length, it is convenient to reach more areas within the apartment/home without changing plug sockets.

Light weight

The Hurricane is a compact vacuum and does not take much room in the cupboard and is a fairly light cleaner. At 6.6 Kgs the Hurricane seemed easy to carry around. It has a dust holding capacity of 2.5 liters which is pretty much what is expected of a compact vacuum cleaner.

Bag less

The machine is bag-less and hence there is no need for people shelling out more money on buying those bags and all the mess that comes on emptying them. Since it is “bag less”, after cleaning one can see all the dust and dirt that has been picked up. Emptying your bag less vacuum on a regular basis is highly recommended if all the mess disgusts you.

Awkwardness of the Lead and Cylinder

The power lead is not long and the 9 m quoted length refers to the cleaner in a horizontal position and the effective length is about 5 m. The Lead is fed from the bottom of the carriage, so in order to use it, one needs to hold the lead up before taking out another meter of cable. To rewind the cable, the bottom lug is very low. A simple repositioning of the lead from bottom to the top and an extra length of 2 to 3 meters would solve this problem.

The Other Design Deficiencies

The Nozzle is not exactly small and could have been well shaped. The Fact that the handle is a part of the hoover is another problem. If you want to clean something such as the couch, you will have to lift the whole machine. Not a huge problem, but not many people are used to that.

Tools Provided

The floor tools provided with the Hurricane HU4207/1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner are great and they include the Pet Hair Remover Turbo Brush and the Long Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush. The small nozzle is another issue that could have been better off.


HEPA Filtration

HEPA Filtration in Vacuum cleaners are highly beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because the HEPA filter traps the finer particles in the air (such as pollen or dust mites which are known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms). The Hurricane’s washable HEPA filtration can remove about 99.7 percent of all airborne particles and hence approaches total efficiency on all harmful organisms known to man. So is it good? Yes, highly recommended if anyone in your home suffers from allergy or asthma.

Pet Hair Turbo Brush

Amongst the tools included along the Hoover HU4207/1 Bag-less Vacuum cleaner is the Pet Hair Remove Turbo Brush remover which is just the right thing pet owners would like to have. If you own a dog, cat, hamster or any of the furrier pets, you would know the mess they tend to make and in particular on those precious carpets. The Hurricane’s Pet hair turbo brush specializes in removal of pet hair no matter how long they have been there. This is one of the USPs of the vacuum cleaner.

The 2000 Watt Motor

The Hurricane HU4207/1 runs on a 2000 watt motor which means it has the enough power to remove the tiniest of traces of dirt anywhere in the home. While it does that, it lets you know that it is working – It is not exactly quiet.

Decent performance

The Hoover Hurricane delivers a decent performance thanks to its amazing power of suction. The reach of the hose of the handle is good considering it can reach a lot of high places. The Hurricane manages to pick up a huge amount of dust and grime.  The pet hair attachment also worked like a synch. It managed to remove all traces of pet hair on the carpet. The presence of different settings is also highly useful, especially if one has fancy wood flooring.


As mentioned earlier, the 2000 Watt monster is not really quiet. It generates a lot of noise but most upright vacuums are louder than the cylindrical ones. The noise is loud but not that much that is unbearable.

A few cons

Emptying the bag when it is full is very messy and the square-ness of the Hurricane makes it awkward to get into tight spaces. The hard floor setting left marks on the laminated floors and made the room look messier than it was initially.

Guarantee Provided

Hoover offers one year guarantee for the Hurricane HU4207/1 Pets Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


The Hoover Hurricane HU4207/1 is impressive and has a great list of specifications. However, when it comes to practice is just average. The HEPA Filter and the Pet Hair removal brush make it a great choice for consumers who have allergy or asthma. The design however could have been better and the cord could have been longer. It is a bit noisy and less efficient and however if you are looking for a simple, frill-less vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess your pets make – this is a decent choice.

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Hoover HU4207/1 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameHurricane HU4207/1 Pets Bag less Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Weight6.6 Kgs
Working Radius6.2m 9.8m with accessories
Bag lessYes
Cord Length6 m
Dust Container Capacity2.8 L
FiltrationWashable HEPA
Exhaust FilterWashable Micro Media
Turbo Brush toolNo
HEPA filterYes
Cable RewindYes
Tools on boardYes
ToolsCrevice nozzle
Pet hair removal nozzle ( acts as Upholstery nozzle as well)
Pet hair brushYes
Power EfficientYes
Noise levelMedium
Power2000 watt
GuaranteeOne year

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