Hoover Sensory TS2360 Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential asset to one’s home be it for cleaning hard floor purpose, upholstery, curtains or carpets. Hoover Sensory TS2360 Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner provides with not only a novel experience but also smooths the task in hand with many of its very useful applications. The read further will give you the review and feedback of this exceptional vacuum cleaner along with its operational abilities.

An Overview

This striking silver model of the Hoover TS2360 2300 Watts Vacuum Cleaner is an upright form of appliance that allows easy cleaning coupled with its sturdy and powerful body to with stand daily vacuuming needs of a regular household. Its novelty is the fact that it has a dust bag capacity of 3.5 litres which is huge, so it ensures ease of use without having to constantly check if the dust bag is full. This domestic device has the dimensions of 260mm in height, 326mm in width, 427mm in depth and though with a weight of 9.1 kg, the workable weight of it comes to barely 5.8 kg making moving and working along with it a pleasant experience.

Application and Tools

This handy piece of equipment does a whole lot of good as comes with some excellent tool options like the pets turbo brush, which is a first rate application as pet fur and hair can be very difficult clean and only a specialised brush can help in such a case.

The crevice tool that can clean out stubborn dust accumulated in the corners of your upholstery, and in the corners of your hard floor.

The very sensible upholstery attachment meets the needs of common homes in light dusting and effective cleaning of delicate fabric. Alternatively it is also provided with a hard floor and an adjustable carpet cleaner that removes tough settled in muck and ensures a cleaner living space.

General Features

  • This enviable electronic appliance has the HEPA filtration which catches even the smallest of pollen and dust particles rendering the air trigger free from pollutants, which is very safe for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • The model is provided with telescopic extension tubes that enable easy manoeuvring to heights and corners.
  • It has electronic cord rewind system that helps in minimising the utility space and the treatment less cumbersome.
  • The most amazing concept is it has a sensory system that lights up to show that the dust bag is full and has to be emptied, and so the suction is never compromised.
  • This device works in variable power and thus makes it a more buyable proposition.


As mentioned earlier this is the shining spot of the equipment, its sole HEPA filter is washable and also helps in through purification of air from pollutants and dust mite faeces which can trigger allergy attacks. The unique sensory dust bags are also self sealing thus further limiting the contact with the allergy causing pollen.

Other Technical Aspects

Hoover Sensory TS2360 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is so energy efficient that though it consumes 2300 watts of energy it gives superior suction at 420 AW and maintains a working radius of 9.1 metres enabling dirt removal from far reaching notches as well providing effective cleaning throughout. It comes with a cord length of 6metres that gives flexibility to the device.

Hoover Sensory TS2360 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameSensory TS2360 Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner typeAll Rounder
Available ColoursSilver
FiltrationHEPA filtration
SuctionVariable suction feature
Movement type360 degree swivel wheel
Cleaner headAdjustable Floor Tool
Turbo Brush toolYes
Bag capacity3.2 litres
Cord length6 metres
Cable RewindYes
Highlight featuresHEPA filtration
Pet turbo brush
Variable suction control
Air safe system
Electronic dust bag change indicator
Parking and storage aids
Automatic cord rewind
Tools on boardSpecial allergen removal brush
Crevice nozzle
Upholstery nozzle
Pet hair brushYes
Power2300 watt

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