Kirby vs. Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Review August 2020

Kirby and Electrolux are two of the most popular and reliable vacuum cleaner brands. We reviewed Electrolux and Kirby vacuums and compared Electrolux vs Kirby to help you decide between the two if you are stuck. There are both cons and pros.

Kirby Vacuums Review

Best Kirby Vacuum Cleaners - Kirby G4 Hoover

Kirby vacuums are popular among many households for its ability to provide effective cleaning.

Its powerful suction power ensures efficient cleaning of tough corners, while the HEPA filtration system makes sure that hygiene is also maintained along with perfect cleaning results.

Kirby cleaners hail from the Kirby Company of Cleveland, based in the city of Ohio, US. Invented by John Kirby in 1914, the company is a renowned manufacturer of home cleaning goods and accessories. The company used to do door to door selling initially, until its heyday, when it flourished to have dealers in seventy nations around the world.

With millions of satisfied consumers throughout the globe, Kirby's home care appliances have received worldwide acceptance. Known for their reliability, quality and performance, Kirby vacuum cleaners have easily found their places in the homes of families.

Kirby bags and other accessories can be easily replaced by searching online. Kirby is also famous for its Kirby carpets and special flooring designs.

Common Features of Kirby Hoovers

Kirby G6, G4, G3 and G2 Vacuums Test Comparison

  • Kirby vacuum cleaners have a very powerful suction power that promises effective cleaning. The potent airflow makes it easy to suck in debris and dirt that have long been deposited under the bed or corners. Doubled with multiple HEPA filtrations, dirt will have no place to hide in the home.
  • Some of the advanced and latest Kirby cleaners are powered with TechDrive power. Especially the new Sentria system cleaners are more efficiently equipped to clean. The users can very easily push the unit while cleaning with just a featherlike touch.
  • The Toe Touch Control offers easy cleaning without having to bend down every time you need to adjust the height of the cleaner. Users having back problems, or suffering from Rheumatic and Arthritis find this feature especially useful.
  • Some of the units are affixed with a headlight in the front for cleaning the darkest corners of the house. The LED headlight does not consume much power and yet it provides extremely bright light, more than enough to lighten any part of the hardest to reach or damp areas in the house.
  • Though not present in all Kirby hoovers, the Quick Drying Carpet Shampooing process in some technologically advanced machines is a very useful feature. Users can clean heavy carpets with it, in just a jiffy, and can get professional results.
  • The portable mode is simply great in removing irksome dust mite allergens from the beddings and sofas. People who are sensitive to dirt and dust can activate this mode while cleaning to escape allergic reactions.
  • The motley attachments and brushes ensure complete cleaning of areas that cannot be reached without suitably shaped nozzles.
  • Upholstery is the toughest place to clean, even with cleaners, as complained by the mass. However, Kirby cleaners have arrangements to clean them effectively. They are programmed to pick up even the minutest pet hairs to be found in homes.
  • Sometimes people do not want to take the risk of cleaning highly polished or rough floorings with vacuum cleaners. But, Kirby vacuums are fitted with arrangements that bring about a lustrous shine.

The Advantages

Kirby G3 G4 G5 and attachments video demonstration

  1. High suction power to clean the toughest dirt and dust particles
  2. Great performance
  3. Readily available spare fittings
  4. Easy to use
  5. Very long lasting

The Disadvantages

  1. Needs regular servicing
  2. Tubes are complained to be weak
  3. Heavy in weight and can pose problems to some users

Recommended Best Kirby Vacuum Products to Buy

Kirby G4 Vacuum Cleaner

This model's design looks quite like a vintage car. It is a big, semi-self propelled and simply designed machine. All of its attachments can be individually serviced.

This Kirby hoover has a self-propelling system that is very reliable with consistent good performance.

Kirby vacuum bags for this model have a micro filter system that is very easy to change. Each bag costs around $5.

Pros: Durable, Good Performance and Safe to use.

Cons: it's a bit noisy and is quite heavy.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

The Hygienic, Noiseless & Odour-Free Bagless Upright Hoover

For those concerned about hygiene and noise, Electrolux vacuum cleaners deliver quite and safe carpet cleaning experience.

With its unique HEPA filtration system, Electrolux vacuums will take care of all the unpleasant smells normally omitted from cheaper counterparts.

The Electrolux hoovers are manufactured by the Electrolux Group, originally from Sweden.

Founded in 1919, the Electrolux Group is presently, a leading manufacturer of cleaners and white goods. It initially started selling its vacuum cleaner goods in the European markets.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Overview

After, almost a century of innovation, they have come up with a wide choice of cleaners to cater to the varied needs of the customers.

Electrolux presents several types of cleaners such as bagless upright, bagged upright, bagless cylinder and bagged cylinder.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner parts and spares like Electrolux vacuum bags, bins, belts, brushes, extension tubes, cables, motors, filters, hoses, switches, sole plates, tools, wheels and other accessories can be obtained at discounted prices with free shipping from online stores.

Electrolux Hoover Features

Here are some common features found on all Electrolux vacuum cleaners:

Electrolux Ergospace canister vacuum cleaner - presentation

  • HEPA filtration - It is the first among the striking features of the Electrolux cleaner. Though this kind of filtration is nowadays available with almost all vacuum cleaners, the Art & Hammer type is peculiar to Electrolux only.
  • The HEPA filter not only effectively cleans all pet hairs and other minute wastes, but also leaves the air clean and fresh. Though it is not an air cleaner, but it has an anti-odour system that neutralizes any kind of fragrance and only emits clean air.
  • Turbo Nozzle - Electrolux cleaning machines are known for their effective carpet cleaning. The special turbo nozzle rotates to groom and clean the carpet from within the depth. It leaves the carpet looking rejuvenated. It is ideal for pet owners, in particular.
  • The Stretch Hose- It is an immensely useful tool. It can be attached to the original hose of the device, and this will be extended to about three times its size. Users can attach this hose to clean any part of the house. So much so that an entire flight of steps can be cleaned without bringing the cleaner to the stair top.
  • The Riser Visor- This is an attachment that removes all pet hairs from carpets, mattresses and beddings. It allows cleaning on both vertical and horizontal way. Hence, carpets that lay on the upholstery and stairs can also be cleaned with the riser visor system.
  • In addition to that, Electrolux Cleaners control allergies that spread through mites, pets, pollen, smoke can be regulated by these cleaners. They effectively trap the allergens and get rid of them.
  • The standard cleaners do not make much noise. A quieter vacuuming does not disrupt the harmony of the house.

Electrolux Ultra One Z8850 video demonstration


  1. Low noise- maintains harmony during cleaning process
  2. Hygienic- creates fresh and healthy atmosphere
  3. All round cleaning- effectively cleans every corner


  1. Rear vent, which is not very convenient to remove dust from the machine
  2. Absence of telescopic tubes, which are known for high quality designs
  3. Some users complain about the height adjusting function

Recommended Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy

Electrolux Z3040AZ is a bagless upright cleaner with a very high 1900 watt motor, incorporated with the turbo nozzle. Ideally suited for pet lovers, its ergonomically designed handle is very useful. With a bin that can be easily emptied, it has a 3:1 stretch hose and Dusting Brush and Cyclonic Action for cutting edge cleaning.

Pros: High performance; Convenient options; Versatile stretch hose; Controls on the handle bar and Compact - good looking design.

Cons: heavy.

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