Miele S5261 Cat and Dog Turbo 5000 Bagged Cylinder Cleaner

If you have a pet in your house, then you must have been aware of woes regarding their cleanliness. All these years, people tried to use their vacuum cleaners for the purpose of cleaning the hairs of the small pets like cats and dogs that are almost everywhere in the house and they keep on cropping up time and again, and also to clean up shelves and stuff. But then, the vacuum cleaners today are very heavy and are also not portable. This makes it difficult to pick up the hairs of your pets. Hence, Miele has come up with a slightly revised version of the vacuum cleaner, which is easy to both carry and operate. Let us see if it is going to be a great friend of your pets as we go through the various aspects of this new advent from Miele.


As the main problem with the conventional vacuum cleaners is their size, Miele has seen to it that the S5261 cylinder cleaner is nice and compact. Since it has to portable for you to carry it easily and remove the hair of your pet animals on the floor or anywhere else, the bulkiness is reduced to the maximum possible extent. The central and main part of the cylinder cleaner is made very compact and small, so that it can be carried pretty easily. It looks like a school bag but it is only quite smaller for one. This very small but special dust bag has a very good capacity of 4.5 litres. Hence, it means that you can collect heaps of dirt at a time. Weighing about 7.7 kg, this is the ideal thing you will need while cleaning your house.


There are lots of features included in the Miele S521 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, but all of them are considerably small and also come under pretty much the same roof, and hence every feature will be discussed here. The cleaner is ideal for pet hair. The hose in this case is pretty long. The 1.8 long hose is really comfortable for almost everyone and especially for the taller multitude. You can also vary the power of the machine, so that you can decide the force with which it operates. Two disposable dust bags are provided for the collection of dirt, so that it can be disposed off with ease. The carbon filters that are embedded inside the hose filter the air so that the inner parts of the machine are protected from the entrance of dust particles. This allows the machine to be fitter and cleaner all the time. The buttons on this cleaner can be operated by your feet and this means that you do not need to bend every time you need to operate it. There is also an on board tool kit box, where all the basic tools can be preserved in case of emergency.

Hence, it can be said that these aforementioned features are nice and convenient which make the Miele S5261 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner very user friendly.


It is no surprise that the Miele S521 cat and dog turbo 5000 bagged cylinder cleaner is one of the best performers when it comes to vacuuming the dirt. As it is also very comfortable to hold and handle the machine, it increases the efficiency of the cleaner all the more. While most of the vacuum cleaners are a bit noisy and also become slightly ineffective over longer periods of usage, there are no problems of that ilk when it comes to the  Miele S5261 2200 watts Vacuum Cleaner. And also looking at the special features contained in this very new cylinder cleaner from Miele, you will find that there is definitely something interesting in this one that certainly baffles the one who operates it or sees it being operated. Although you may have come to a conclusion by now that we are being too nice regarding this cleaner, it can be guaranteed that any unbiased person under the sun is going to be under the same opinion once they watch it perform.

Power Consumption

Normally, the vacuum cleaners are very generous when it comes to energy consumption. The Miele S5261 is clearly not an exception since it consumes about 2200 watts of power. But at the same time, it can be considered to be a lot better than the conventional vacuum cleaners, which pull out more money from your pockets. Owing to the small size of it and also some of the special unique features, the Miele S5261 Bagged cylinder cleaner is able to extract lesser power than normal. And since you do not use it that often and sometimes its use is limited to very rare situations, it can be said that you can afford the little extra bucks for the sake of this cylinder cleaner.


The Miele S5261 Cat and Dog Turbo 5000 Bagged Cylinder Cleaner comes with a manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty for a period of two years from the original date of purchase. While most of the vacuum cleaners in the market come with a one year warranty, this cylinder cleaner got the better of them all with its two year warranty. You can also enhance this warranty service period to about four years by ordering the piece online and paying just a few extra bucks.


Considering all the facts regarding the Miele S5261 that are discussed above, it can be clearly said that this is a multi purposeful vacuum cleaner which can clean the hairs of your pets that pester you consistently and also at the same time, it can clean your house. It can reduce manual labour a lot and its portability has become its major attraction. This means that anyone can carry it around and clean the stuff they wanted to. When you compare this special cylinder cleaner with the other branded vacuum cleaners in the market, you will find that the former is not only very efficient in the way it performs but it is also very cheap, comparatively. All this means that you have everything you need at a significantly affordable price range. One cannot deny this wonderful cylinder cleaner from Miele unless and otherwise he has no intentions of buying a vacuum cleaner.

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Miele S5261 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specifications

Model NameMiele S5261 Cat and Dog Turbo 5000 Bagged Cylinder Cleaner
Weight7.7 kgs
TypeCylinder and Hose
Cord Length6.5 m
Dust Container Capacity4.5 L
Hose1.80 m
Suction powerElectronic
FiltrationCarbon filters
Exhaust FilterYes
Washable filtersYes
Cable RewindYes
Tools on boardYes
ToolsHandle, telescopic extension tube, 3-in-one crevice,
upholstery and dusting brush tool and Turbo tool
Pet hair brushNo
Power EfficientYes
Noise levelLow
Motor Power2200 watts
Guarantee2 years

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