Miele S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Settling with a suitable vacuum cleaner is rather a time consuming and tedious task which might require study to certain extend and the patience to look into the various models of different brands. If you are on look out for the general domestic support cleaner with the upright construction your search here comes to an end. The highlight of this model is that it is from the house of efficient and experienced company who are known to excel each and every time. They produce products that are competitive for more than 20 years down the line. It definitely makes a positive note in the minds of people who desire to own one. The read further will give you the review and feedback of Miele S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner along with its operational abilities.


This model is a multipurpose cleaner which comes in the upright construction. Right from the floors to the carpets and the upholsterers they serve with the support of mixed accessories. It is also preferred to go in for the top rated models which are the common opinion among the consumers. Miele S7210 1800 Watts Vacuum Cleaner is been rated as the best buy in many publications and so the frustration can be omitted.

The Design

Available is this model in 2 different colours of deep black and lemon yellow. It has a casing made of aluminium which is highly durable with the reinforced ABS body. The dimension of this product is 1160.6mm in height, 349.3mm in width and 377.9mm in length. It weighs 9.5kg and the upright construction gives eventual maneuverability and perfect cleaning experience.

Motor and Control

Supported with the powerful motor of 1800 Watts it ensures exceptional cleaning and great suction power to make the environment dust free. The control is the rotary dial type which makes it easy to set the different power levels for the cleaning of different stuffs like the flooring or the upholstery. The control is easily accessible and is present in the handle for the instant operation.

Filter and Dust bag

The filter used to support the function is the air clean filter which is been designed for the general use and it is been made of multi-ply material. Made available with this cleaner is the dust bag with the capacity of 6 litres. The dust bag is made of HyClean standard that is been used for filtration, dust absorption and safety along with hygiene. Two of the same is been provided along with the product. The dust bag comes with automatic hygiene shutter which locks the dirt inside and does not let it escape.


Working with the relevant tools is important; it comes with the swivel neck which gives you a good navigation to move around the furniture as the body can be rotated when it meets any obstacles. Available is the electro brush with the safety cut off and has an auto on/off system. The upholstery nozzle allows you to work with the furniture’s to keep it looking new forever. The crevice nozzle of 30cm is available to clean the corners and the narrow passages. The dusting brush is ideal for cleaning curved areas and skirting boards.

Other product details

  • Quick release cable holder keeps the cleaner move around easily and with required to shift places it acts instantly.
  • Flat to floor is possible as it can be laid flat against the floor to reach the foot area of appliances and upholsterers.
  • Smooth running 360 degree swivel castors keeps going easily to most places without any special adjustment.
  • Furniture protecting bumper strip works without damaging the upholstery even when doing the job carelessly.
  • Sure lock system for hose, tube and floor heads keeps everything in place without disturbing and hence gives a hassle free operation.

Miele S7210 Domestic Vacuum Cleaner is doubtless the award winning product and added to it the manufacture gives it a 2 years guarantee assurance and it can be extended to 10 years for the part and labour on the additional payment which is optional.

Miele S7210 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameS7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Weight9.5 kgs
Dimension (H x W x L) mm1160.6 x 349.3 x 377.9 mm
Dust Container Capacity6.0L
Available coloursDeep black and lemon yellow
Motor1800 Watts
Exhaust FilterYes
Washable filtersYes
Cable RewindYes
Tools on boardYes
Tools3 on-board accessories – crevice nozzle,
upholstery nozzle and dusting brush
Pet hair brushNo
Power EfficientYes
Noise levelLow
FeaturesQuick release cable holder
Flat to floor
Smooth running 360 degree swivel castors
Furniture protecting bumper strip
Ergonomic carrying handle
Sure lock system for hose, tube and floor heads
Rotary controls
Guarantee2 years10 years optional warranty for parts and labour

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