Numatic Henry HVR200A Vacuum Cleaner Review

Numatic HVR200A Henry Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The Numatic Henry vacuum cleaners are one of the most reliable and best selling Hoovers since they had been introduced in the market over 27 years back. Made in Britain, Henry Hoovers always mean quality and business; hence, they have sold over 7 million of these cleaners.

Look at it and smile

The Numatic Henry HVR200A appeals and brings a smile in your faces with their smiling happy faces. With a smiley to greet you each and every time you do the house cleaning or just clear a spill, it is hard for you to stay grumpy about having to clean up.  It is designed to be strong, but is light too. It has the ability to sustain several knocks and falls that would usually destroy most of the other brands of vacuum cleaners. The machine is light weight and easy to move around and the folding carry handle makes the job even easier. As soon as you take the HVR200A out of the box, it is all set and ready to go.

It is not just red

The HVR200A was first introduced in the year 2009. Make a note; it is a dry only vacuum cleaner. In case you are wondering, the HVR stands for Henry Vacuum Red. The Henry is well known in its read colour, but the HVR200A Vacuum cleaner machine is also available in attractive blue, green and yellow colours. However, the red one seems to be cheaper than the rest. We think it is just a question of the volume, how many of each type they produce.

The tools

The standard accessory kit of the cleaner is comprehensive with some of the tools being made of stainless steel. The kit is named as Accessory Kit A1, which includes a 300mm Combination Floor Nozzle, a 240mm Crevice Tool, a 2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose, a Stainless Steel Tube Bend with Volume Control, 2x Stainless Steel Extension Tube, a Double Taper Hose/Tool Adapter, a 65mm Soft Dusting Brush, a 150mm Upholstery Nozzle and a 150mm Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle. Make sure that you check that your supplier includes the Kit A1 as some of them have shipped a cheaper aluminium version.

Ease of use

With the long power lead and long hose, you will never miss any of the hard reach corners and crevices. The Henry HVR200A Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner has a cleaning range of 26.8 meters. It does not have to be unplugged and plugged back in somewhere else as often. This will surely make a big difference in the amount of time and energy it takes to clean the work places. The 10 meter cable storage and rewind system works perfect as it is trouble free and spring free and this mechanism keeps everything neat and tidy.

Extremely energy efficient

The Numatic HVR200A Henry bagged vacuum cleaner has two power levels: Hi and Lo. The “Lo” power setting does a great job and saves you power too. In this model Numatic has improvised the energy consumption by 50% and with the AutoSave feature; you will be into energy conservation like never before. Every time the HVR200A is switched on, you will be starting automatically on the economy setting and only if you feel that more power is required to cope up with any of the extra dirt, you have to push the red switch to operate the device in the Hi-mode. When the Hi power mode is on, it will be indicated by the red LED and so, when you move on to the hard floors or deep carpets or realise that you do not need the maximum power, just push the red switch and you are back in the economy mode.


The Numatic HVR200A is equipped with a full twin flow two stage professional motorthat offers exceptional performance. Having the 1200 watt motor, you will never find a dust that escapes.  The company has made an effort in improving the quality of air and has successfully done so by 30%.

A quiet cleaner

With respect to the noise levels, the Numatic HVR200A cylinder vacuum cleaner comes second to none. The Henry cleaner is so quiet and indeed in some point, one might think that the Hoover has lost its suction because there is not much noise coming from the end of the hose. You will find that the noise is 20% lesser than the quietest model in the market.


The HVR200A works effortlessly on the solid wood floors, taking up everything. The best part is that, the main floor tool or brush sucks from every side so the room corners are handled quite quickly. It works even better in the carpets and just move it over once on the pet hairs and that is all you need to do, you would not find any traces of them again.


The Numatic Henry HVR200A bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with two years limited warranty for parts and labour.


The HVR200A is the best when it comes to performance and cost. Those who are even on a budget can get one of these as the benefits are long term. First of all, you would not need to think of buying another vacuum cleaner for years and then, with its energy efficiency, you will be able to save heaps out of your energy bill too. We would guarantee you that you will never regret buying a HVR200A Henry Vacuum cleaner. Quality always tells in the end!

Numatic  HVR200A Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specifications, Features

Model NameHVR200A Henry Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Product Code820016
Vacuum cleaner typeAll Rounder
Dimensions (H x W x D)340x340x370mm
Weight6.6 Kg
Available ColoursRed, Blue, Green and Yellow
Hose MaterialStainless steel
Technology usedFull Twinflo’ two-stage professional motor
FiltrationTritex filter system
SuctionHi2600/Lo1750 mm
Movement typeWheel
Cleaner head300mm Combination Floor Nozzle
Cleaning Range26.8 m
Bag capacity9 litres
Cord length10 meters
Cable RewindYes
Highlight featuresUnique rewind and storage system
AutoSave feature
Full twin flow two stage professional motor
The giant Tritex filter system
Stainless steel tools
Simple to use Microflo dust bags
Tools on board300mm Combination Floor Nozzle
240mm Crevice Tool
Stainless Steel Tube Bend with Volume Control
2x Stainless Steel Extension Tube
2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose
65mm Soft Dusting Brush
150mm Upholstery Nozzle
150mm Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle
Double Taper Hose/Tool Adapter
Pet hair brushYes
Power EfficientYes
Noise levelVery Low
Motor PowerHi1200/Lo600 W
Power230V AC 50/60Hz
GuaranteeTwo years

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