Panasonic MC-CG695ZP47 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-CG695ZP47 Domestic Vacuum Cleaner in the cylinder type gives you the convenience of lightweight and user friendly operation. They are perfect for domestic use and can be used for the floors and carpets. The compact structure does make it easy for storage with small foot print. Panasonic has given a unique touch of design and functionality. It is basically defined as the bagged model with the cylinder type of functioning. With few interesting features and efficient functions makes the model a unique product. The following is the review of the same.

Physical Characteristics

Panasonic MC-CG695ZP47 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner looks stylish at the outset with its blue housing in combination of grey colour. It is a product weighing mere 5 kg that is easy to handle and go around with. The overall dimension of the product is 300 mm in width, 440 mm in length and 235 mm in height. The rubber wheels and the cord rewind give it a smooth touch and easy handling.

Bagged model

MC-CG695ZP47 is a bagged vacuum cleaner that functions to trap the dust in the bag and it is the most traditional type. This bagged model needs attention to replace the bag when it is full. In contrast the bag less cleaners can just empty the canister when it is full. One has to understand that replacing the bag is not a tasking activity neither it is expensive. There are cheap bags available and on the indication of the bag being full it can be replaced without the trouble of emptying.

Making it different

HEPA filters that are made available in this model make it a highly efficient cleaner. HEPA which means high efficiency particulate air is the acronym of it. It is a kind of filter that is capable of trapping even the very small particles making the environment cleaner than ever. For the sufferers of allergy or with high ESR reading should obviously need a cleaner environment. This type of filter is perfect to capture those micro particles.

Efficient motor

This model functions with the efficient motor of 1300 Watts. The power consumption does not directly relate to the performance quality but it defines the energy efficiency of the product. It has a high suction power which makes it a difference from the usual models. Quite obvious is that the higher the suction power the more efficient is the device. This model offers a suction power of 450 watts.

Supportive utility

Panasonic MC-CG695ZP47 1300 Watts Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 2 step deluxe nozzle that is efficient to suck to the maximum and this 2 way floor nozzle helps to give the ultimate cleaning solution. The magic telescope tubes are adjustable and they are also durable as it is been made of metallic tubes. The other supported accessories that comes along with this model are the following

  • Crevice nozzle – This flexible crevice nozzle is perfect all round cleaning accessory. This comes in a slim structure and easy to install and remove as well.
  • Furniture brush – Giving the utmost care to those expensive furniture, this tool can be used which cleans without bringing in hurts or pinch to your valuable furniture.
  • Upholstery nozzle – Makes a perfect solution to clean the upholstery without which the home can never be seen completely clean.

Being functioned with the electric power it comes with a lavish cord of 7.0 metres. With this extensive cord it can cover a larger area in a long radius of 10 metres and hence shifting the main plug each time can be avoided.

Panasonic MC-CG695ZP47 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameMC-CG695ZP47 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Model NumberMC-CG695ZP47
Vacuum cleaner typeBagged
Dimension (WxHxL) mm300 x 235 x 440 mm
Weight5.0 Kg
Available finishingBlue
Dust capacity3.0 litres
Hose MaterialMetal telescopic
Technology usedPowerful motor
FiltrationHEPA filters
Suction power450 watts
Floor nozzle2 way
Telescopic tubeYes
Action radius10 m
Turbo Brush toolNo
HEPA filterYes
Rubber wheelYes
Cord length7.0 metres
Cable RewindYes
Maximum input power1300 Watts
ToolsCrevice nozzle
Furniture brush
Upholstery nozzle
Pet hair brushNo
Power EfficientYes

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