Polti AS 580 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Polti Company was established in the year 1978 which represents the powerful steam irons. They saw a constant progress and all products are designed by carefully observing and also constantly upgrade their technologies. Polti AS 580 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is one among them and for it is the following review.

The Basics

This model known for its bagless style and has an attractive housing in green colour finish. The dimension goes as 300mm for the height and the depth while the width is 400mm which almost gives an oval shape. It works with the variable suction power and the adjustment is electronic. The weight of this handy vacuum cleaner is 5.2kg.

Filtration System

The special 5-stage filtration system makes it very competitive and it promises clean and tidy living space. Polti AS580 2000 Watts Vacuum Cleaner works in a unique system that takes care of even the small details and the brief of it is as follows.

First stage – This is where the dust collection container is filled with the dirt by the cyclone effect. This container is been made of plastic material and has Nano silver particles which has the anti bacterial properties. This technology lets out only clean and fresh air which is free from even the unpleasant odours.

Second stage – In this stage the air gets filtered through the ultra fine mesh filter and blocks all the impurities.

Third stage – This is where the HEPA type of filtration takes place which removes the bacterias, odour, smoke and even the micro particles.

Forth stage – This is the PPI filteration stage.

Fifth stage – This passes through for the active carbon filter which is the final stage and also very protective. This is the ultimate cleaning system as it gives pure and fresh air undergoing this process.

Technical Details

The dust collection tank capacity is 0.7 litres which although sounds less, it is better than the many compact cleaners. The suction power is 27 kPa which also works in the variable speed which is been electronically operation. The HEPA filter is removable and can be washed periodically. The supplied cord length is 5 meters long which gives a better radius to cover the whole space. This model is been equipped with the powerful motor of 2000 Watts which serves good for the domestic use.

Accessories and its uses

This model is been provided with the telescopic tube which is about 60 cm in length and can be extended up to 100 meters. It can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the length making it suitable for the desired purpose.

  • The universal brush is commonly used which can be selected by the foot operation. The bristles position can be put up and down to suit the use on floors or carpets as preferred.
  • The parquet brush that comes along with this model gives the specialised use for the delicate surface which keeps the surface free from damages.
  • The turbo brush can be put to use based on the suction power and it used for overall purpose, on floors or even on carpets. It also works best on the pet hair cleaning.
  • The multipurpose nozzle is suitable in the joint areas like the sofas, car upholstery and furniture corners.
  • The presence of lance is another advantage as it suits cleaning the odd corners and even under the stairs.

Other product details

The automatic cable winder is a highlight and it winds off on the press of the button. The controls available are the on/off switch and the suction power control operates with the slide control as when it is moved to the right side it increases and moving to the left the suction power decreases. Generally high power is recommended for the curtains and hard surface while the low and the medium power goes well for the carpets and cushions. The dust collection container can easily be removed and washed in the press of the release button after switching off the control.


Polti AS 580 Bagless, HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner is been provided with the 24 months guarantee and the included tools are universal brush, multipurpose nozzle, lance for cleaning corners, soft brush, Turbo brush and parquet brush.

Polti AS580 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameAS 580 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Dimension (H x W x D)mm300 x 400 x 300 mm
Weight5.2 kg
Dust capacity0.7 litres
Available colourAvailable colour
Power2000 watts
FilterHEPA filter, Active charcoals filter
Filtration stages5
Suction capacity27 kPa
Suction adjustmentElectronic
Cord length5 metres
Telescopic tubeYes
Noise levelLow
Turbo Brush toolNo
HEPA filterYes
Parking systemYes
Nano silver treatmentYes
Cable RewindYes
FeaturesBagless cleaning
5-stage filtration
Washable H10 HEPA filter
Dirt collection tank with Nanosilver antibacterial treatment
Lift able handle
Automatic cord winder
ToolsUniversal brush, multipurpose nozzle, lance for cleaning corners,
soft brush, Turbo brush and parquet brush
Pet hair cleaningYes
Guarantee24 months

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