Russell Hobbs 18246 Pet Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one great tool to keep the environment clean, they are easy and simple to use and maintain. Russell Hobbs the company founded in Great Britain is about more that 5 decades of experience. They offer an impressive portfolio of products which ranges right from kettles to the garment care. Vacuum cleaners of this brand are of many types which are designed to suit various requirements of the users. Let us learn about Russell Hobbs 18246 Pet Cyclonic 2400 Watts Vacuum Cleaner in details in the following review.

Design and Type

At the outset this model has a cylindrical design which functions in the cyclonic style and is also a bag less. The finish is attractive which denotes the pet design in the Dalmatian finish. The controls are straightforward and simple to operate. It is been provided with a lengthy cord of 5 meters long for the utmost extension. It can handle the dust capacity of 3 liters which is better than the usual models. Available in Russell Hobbs 18246 Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is the cable rewind button which automatically sucks in the cable making it compact for storage.


The model function by putting the switch on and moving the tool on the surface the functioning takes place. In order to get best results it is required to overlap the moved area to make sure that no surface is been missed out. The suction light which is present on the top of the cleaner glows to indicate when the time when the cleaner is been stressed out. It is required to remove and empty the bin and to check for the blockage.


Specialised is in this model in the filtration as it is been equipped with advanced filtration and 5 stages with HEPA filters. These are the prime factors that denote the quality of the device. The brief about the available filters are

  • Foam filter – This is a washable filter that is available and it cleans up the space with the notable dust.
  • Main filter – This filter cleans up the returning airflow and it is the most required part of the unit.
  • HEPA filter – This is the most effective and also expensive part of the whole unit which works to give utmost cleanliness in the space. This gives 5 stage filtration which brings the best effective clean environment.
  • Plastic filter – One another type of filter present in this unit is the plastic filter which is been located inside the bin.

Tools on Board

Available in this model are various tools that make the cleaning task easy to handle. It has the tools built-in for any time access based on the type of cleaning and the requirement.

  • Big brush – This brush is generally used for the cleaning of carpets and floors. It is also possible to extend the bristles by pressing the rear side of the brush pedal. On the other hand if the bristles have to be retracted it has to be pressed on the front side of the brush.
  • Turbo brush – This is another specialised brush which is a rotating type and is been powered with higher suction power in order to give deeper cleaning.
  • Crevice tool – In order to clean up the upholstery and the odd corners this tool serves the best.
  • Small brush – Perfect for the pet hair removal, lint and dust in the corners.
  • Soft brush – This is another tool that effectively removes the pet hair and dust hanging in the curtains and other odd corners.


Russell Hobbs 18246 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner works with the electric power and the motor embedded is powerful with 2400 Watts. It gives a powerful cyclonic cleaning action with the suction power of 350. This handles a good deed of cleaning for the domestic use. The device can also be put to function with the variable power and the variable speed setting is also possible. The noise emission is less then 73dBa which is justified.


In case of any defects in the functioning of this model it will be taken care by the manufacturer for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This guarantee applies when used for domestic purpose and on registration of the product.

Russell Hobbs 18246 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

ManufacturerRussell Hobbs
Model Name18246 Pet Cyclonic 2400Watts Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner typeCylinder, Bagless
FilterAdvanced HEPA filtration
Dust capacity3 litres
Available finishingWhite with black dots
Power2400 watts
Technology usedPowerful motor
Filtration5 stages with HEPA filters
Suction power350 watts
Floor nozzleDual
Telescopic tubeYes
Noise level<73 dB
Turbo Brush toolYes
HEPA filterYes
Rubber wheelYes
Variable powerYes
Cable RewindYes
Other product detailsWashable filters
Easy empty dust bin
Variable speed with soft start
Cord rewind
variable power
ToolsCrevice nozzle
Dusting brush
Upholstery nozzle
Pet hair brushYes – soft brush
Guarantee1 year

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