Samsung SC4340 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Being the best in the range of home appliances, Samsung turned out as one of UK’s most favourite household names with a hugely successful collection of smart appliances. They have been committed to innovating products that are used for mundane activities into something spectacular and effective making life a lot more simple and easy. Samsung has successfully created more leisure time for its users with its creative products that spell quality and durability. Samsung SC4340 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner in its user friendly operations allows you to keep your home dirt free and dust free. The following review of the same could get you closer to the product with better understanding of its features and functions.

Design Overview

Samsung SC4340 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner by looks is as competitive as its functions. The compactness is the key desiring feature that is satisfied by this model. It is relatively light in weigh with mere 4.2 kg. The Ebony black and red colour comes as an option for the user to choose. The net dimension of 310 mm in width, 316 mm in height and 502 mm in depth makes it the one that can be used even for the space conscious homes. The given power cord can be extended up to the length of 6 metres.

Simple Assembling and Operation

When the appliance is out of the box it requires just few minutes for assembling and it becomes all set for operation. By plugging to the mains it can start the function. It has a body control with minimum and maximum. The minimum setting is used for the delicate surfaces like the net curtains, light carpets and other light fabrics. The maximum setting can be used for hard floors and the carpets that are heavily soiled.

Tools Available

Dusting brush – With the help of the dusting brush it is useful to dust the furniture, shelves and those cornered items which require professional cleaning.
Crevice tool – This tool is best suited for radiators, crevices, corners, and couch and in between the cushion area. This crevice tool can also be used for cleaning floor nozzle that gives better efficiency.
Brush – This model consists of a 2-step brush that is of metel type giving enhanced durability and it goes special when compared to the universal brush.
Filter – Functioning with the filter of type foam pre-motor and an exhaust of HEPA H11. The availability of HEPA filtration helps and proves to be a good protection for the allergy sufferers.


  • This appliance belongs to the bag less category that is simple and economic to use. It is possible to check the dust and waste that is been collected by the cleaner and make sure that nothing important goes with it. This is a prime advantage against those with the bags.
  • Powerful is the motor with 1800 Watts that can even collect the minute dust particles leaving your home clean and fresh all the while.
  • Although powerful one may doubt it to be a noisy one but when compared to such models, it emits low noise with just 80 dBa. This may be a little noisier to a washing machine or the dryer but definitely not more than 2 times of its noise.
  • The cord winder is automatic and it winds of in no time and lets you relax after giving a clean touch to your atmosphere. It accommodates the cord of 6 metres long.

The highlight of Samsung SC4340 1800 Watts Vacuum Cleaner would obviously be the compactness, tools provided which make work so much more comfortable and faster.

Samsung SC4340 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Samsung
Model Name SC4340 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Model Number SC4340
Vacuum cleaner type Bagless
Dimension (WxHxD) mm 310 x 316 x 502 mm
Weight 4.2 Kg
Available finishing Ebony Black, Red
Dust capacity 1.3 litres
Hose Material Steel telescopic
Technology used Powerful motor
Filtration Foam
Suction power 1800 watts
Bagless Yes
Brush 2-step metal brush
Telescopic Yes
Action radius 9.2 m
Turbo Brush tool No
HEPA filter No
Rubber wheel No
Cord length 6 metres
Cable Rewind Yes
Furniture guard No
Tools Crevice nozzle
Pet hair brush No
Power Efficient Yes
Noise level 80 dBA
Power 1800 watt

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