Samsung SR8855 NaviBot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung SR8855 NaviBot Vacuum Cleaner is a contemporary device which is efficient, convenient and more intelligent in cleaning up the house. Right from the floors of various types to the carpets it cleans up with the unique brush and navigates automatically around the space. It works remote with the battery power which recharges automatically when required. It is a modern cleaner which handles the cleaning job in the robotic style. The highlights of this model is the visionary mapping system, multiple specialist cleaning modes, triple brush system and the auto recharge and resume which are in details discussed in this review.

Physical Characteristics

This model comes in 3 parts the main body, remote control and the docking/charging station. The main body consists of the display panel, various sensors, camera, operating button and dust outlet. The sides are been equipped with the dust bin eject button, dust bin and dust outlet. The base consists of the driving wheel, battery cover, power brush, cliff sensor, side brush, charge pin, cliff sensor and power switch. The body has a mirror blue colour finish. The dimension and the weight of this model are 360 x 360 x 105 mm which denotes the width, height and the depth while the weight is mere 4 kg.


The charting a course of the cleaning process is required before putting it on. Right under the table, the rooms and the door way the visionary mapping is required. In this system it charts the course around the house. Samsung SR8855 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner also comes with the on-board camera which has the ability to capture about 30 frames per second. All set it documents the layout and also recognises and remembers the cleaning path and hence it pretty well knows where it has to go. During the times of charge down it automatically goes to the docking station for the charge and brilliant enough to pick up from where it left the cleaning. Hence it promises to give great looking floors.


This model does a great job for the domestic use and to be used only inside the homes. It has the ability to handle the pet hair, dust, crumbs, dirt and other such debris. The type of brush used and the functioning of this device makes you floor look crystal clear all the time. It makes this possible with the type of engineering and it is been equipped with 38 sensors which help it detect the obstacles and also protect the valuables. The various sensors are the

  • Cliff sensors – There are about 3 cliff sensors that help to detect the edge of the stairs or other such surface and protect it from falling down.
  • Anti-tangle sensor – This again comes in 3 types which in case caught up with any cords or the carpet tassels it unwinds automatically.
  • Lifting sensor – In case it is been lifted up while it is functioning it automatically stops its function for the ultimate safety.
  • Barrier sensor – In case of any obstacle it automatically changes the direction without damaging or getting damaged.


Equipped in this model is the battery which is rechargeable and of type Ni-MH 14.4V / 2000mA. Quite powerful which takes the charging time of 120 minutes and once it is fully charged it can be put to function for about 90 minutes.

Cleaning mode and brushes

This model gives a 3 different ways of cleaning modes which are self-cleaning, spot cleaning and manual cleaning. It has two side brushes and hence the corners also are maintained clean. The available filters are foam pre-motor filter and the HEPA exhaust filter which in combination keeps the environment and the air clean and fresh all the time.

Operation and Performance

Samsung SR8855 NaviBot Vacuum Cleaner is been operated with the help of remote control which gives hands free and stress free operation all the time. The remote control is handy which comes with the power on switch, the recharging, auto programming, max, spot, start/stop and the direction buttons. Below the direction buttons are present the manual, edge cleaning, timer and daily cleaning. It also comes with the clock settings. The performance of this device is 0.3m/sec cleaning speed which gives 92% cleaning performance. The available filters are foam pre-motor filter and HEPA exhaust filter which makes the cleaning process complete.

On the whole, this model is very impressive and its automatic functions keep the mundane job interesting. Quite simple to put to use and maintain it as well.

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Samsung SR8855 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specification Table

Model NameSR8855 NaviBot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner typeBag less, Robotic
Dimension (W x H x D) mm360 x 360 x 105 mm
Weight4.0 Kg
Available finishingMirror Blue
Dust capacity0.6 litres
FiltrationFoam pre-motor filter
HEPA Exhaust filter
Cleaning modeSelf-cleaning
Spot cleaning<
Manual cleaning
BrushTwo side brushes
Performance0.3m/sec cleaning speed
92% cleaning efficiency
Noise level73 dBa
Remote controlYes
HEPA filterYes
Charging timeAuto charging with 120 minutes for 90 minutes cleaning
Battery typeNi-MH 14.4V / 2000mA
SensorsBarrier sensor
Cliff sensor
Furniture guardYes
ApplicationPickup, suction and filtration
Pet hair removalYes
Power EfficientYes

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