Vax C89-MA-T Air Total Home Vacuum Cleaner

Domestic Vacuum Cleaners have become one of the most essential products in every home and Vax has introduced this model which is designed by an iconic British company. Vax C89-MA-T Air Total Vacuum Cleaner is been designed bag less instead they have a container for collecting the dust and the dust can be emptied with a touch of a button.  It is light in weight yes has a powerful performance with its style of compact multi-cyclonic cylinder type.


One can say that Vax C89-MA-T 1500 Watts Vacuum Cleaner is lighter than most other multi-cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaners as it weighs less than 5.5 kgs. It is a combination of dust capacity, lightweight and power which helps to gain high performance and does have a hose which is 4.2m the length. It gives option to choose from 6 different tools according to the job do be done.

Power and Suction

This product has 60% more dust capacity, 30% more suction than other vacuum cleaners and said to be one among the powerful multi-cyclonic cylinder and it is also compact. The suction power is 310 Air Watts.  It comes with twelve cyclones within the Air cylinder which helps the dust to be separated and collected in the container so the filter is free from dust and any sort of blockage. This gives a constant suction and disturbances of the machine going off in between due to blockage of dust are eliminated.

Filter and Tools

The filter is of type H12 HEPA which keeps you free from any sort of allergies and pet odours as the filter is anti- bacterial and it removes all the pollen and allergy related dust from the air. As for the tools there are 6 tools to choose from. There is a Turbo brush which is specially used to clean carpets and hard floor tool are suitable for cleaning of the any hard floors, Turbo Tool to remove hairs from furniture car seats and stairs, a handy 2-in-1 upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a dusting brush. The highlight is the hose length which helps you to keep the machine downstairs and you can go up to the top of the stairs to clean it without shifting the machine.


This Bag less vacuum cleaner is light in weight and has no metal parts but is made of all plastic. It has a foot switch to lead the power, and the filters are easily cleanable. One can empty the container easily and quickly by just holding the bin and pressing the release button. You need not empty the bin frequently as the dust capacity is 2.5 litres which is 60% more than an average multi- cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Twelve cyclones spins fast in the cylinder where the regular cleaners have just 4 to 6 cyclones so this helps for a better suction and cleaning of the home. It makes the place free from allergies and dust.

As the machine is very light, it is easy for you to carry it around anywhere within your home or downstairs to clean your car seats too and that too with no pain at your back. The size is compact too so it can be easily stored in a cupboard without occupying much space.

Accessories and Guarantee

Vax C89- MA-T HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner comes with 6 year guarantee so there are no hazels. The power cord is also long which has 6 metres. Full constant powerful suction helps for a long usage. This package come with accessories that consist of 4.2 full length hose, 6m cord, 6 tools, metal telescopic extension tube, dusting brush and upholstery tool.


Model NameC89-MA-T Air Total Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner typeBag less
Dimension (W x H x D)cm33.5cm x 44cm x 28cm
ControlOn/Off  Foot Pedal
FiltersAnti- Bacterial H12 HEPA
Technology used12 cyclones, Multi-Cyclonic
Dust Bin Capacity2.5 Litres
Cord Length6m
ToolsTurbo Tool
Turbo Brush
Hard Floor Tool
2-in-1 Upholstery Tool
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Guarantee6 Years

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